London is a city which is infested with rubbish. Like every major metropolis there is a big problem with waste management and disposal found there. A lot of people are in need of a regular and reliable cleaning service and try various different means to handle their problem. Luckily for you, Waste Clearance London exists for that very purpose.

We are one of the leading waste management companies in London. Our services are professional and we proved cleaning of various sorts which can suit your cleaning needs. You can hire us for any part of London as we cover the whole city and can be hired at any time to come and take away your rubbish. Londoners can enjoy a full emergency service as well, because we can react quote quickly.

There is a number of services we are capable of providing. I all starts with house clearance and domestic garbage disposal. We also expand to taking care of rubbish in various business or working zones. Harder forms of dispose are offered to building and construction areas which industrial zones can also call us. The versatility that we offer is one of our advantages and is what makes our clients happy. Additionally, we have a great amount of experience that we utilize with any kind of a rubbish cleaning. It comes with the territory and it is useful when one is around for that long.

One can quite easily book our services. If you like what you see or are interested in trying, you can call us on 020 3887 0050 and arrange everything. Our operators will take your information and give you the necessary details if you need added information. In order to make our cleanup better, there is also an option of sending us a picture. You can do that via our site which is also a means of contact for you.

House Clearance

House clearances is one of our most demanded cleanup requests. We do agree that this is the most important part of any cleanup. People are highly interested in dealing with the junk from their homes and it is normal to say as you will always want to get your living area in order first. When it comes to house garbage disposal, we are proficient in handling everything for you.


First of all, you can organize a regular garbage pickup with us. This means that all of your garbage which is usually created within your home can be cleared out. Doing it in a timely fashion and in a regular way can also boast for a better cleanup. If you hire us to do the house junk collection each week, your home stands to remain healthy and clean for a longer period.

Secondly, larger and special kinds of cleanups are also available. These include spring cleanings and individual room cleanups also. A lot of people need to arrange their basements of clean out the garbage from their garages. Thus you can call us and have us take all of the given junk and help you with your problem.

Finally, old furniture is also problematic to dispose. If you cannot handle this kind of a cleanup by yourself, better leave us to do it. Our professional cleaning services includes managing the bigger items as well. Such items are usually old furniture junk that you clear has to be cleared out. Hiring us will guarantee that all of the give junk is disposed properly.

Domestic Rubbish Clearance

Domestic rubbish clearance include cleaning on a broader spectrum. Your domestic areas can hold more garbage than your homes. These include cleaning around them and taking care of the rubbish which is also in the near vicinity of it. The perfect example is hiring us to do a cleanup of an apartment building. In that case we can also perform the domestic garbage collection on a regular basis. But there are still more options available here for you.


First of all, we can provide rubbish collections on various different locations. Domestic cleanups requires us to reach and pick the garbage up from apartments and flats as well. One of the special kinds of pickups that we offer is loft garbage collections which are highly popular. In fact any kind of a domestic rubbish pickup is available here. This is where our wide experience comes into play as we utilize it to get everything in order.

Domestic cleanups also include other forms of scenarios. If you are moving and need to clean the old place up, we are here to help you. There are offers for real estate owners of people who lease their flats. Hiring us is possible for a letdown price if you wish us to clear out the rubbish from an apartment which you are planning to lease as well. All in all, there many ways that we can come in handy.

Office Clearances

Business areas will like our office clearance offer. This is something that many businesses might benefit from. Not only is this a good choice for the aesthetic look of the office, but it is also good for the atmosphere around the office. Both you workers and clients will appreciate getting into a clean and arranged office. depriving the work setting of any unwanted office junk will also enhance its productivity.

Within the regular cleanup, our crew members can pick the office trash up periodically. this includes coming during off hours or after work on weekdays to clear the junk away. All of these pauper stacks and regular office rubbish materials can gather up really quickly so disposing the rubbish two times a week is sometimes very beneficial.


There are also some special kinds of cleanups available. A lot of office settings need to clear away some larger rubbish items. These often come with a remodeling is in order or when you have old wasted office furniture. Old desks and chairs have to be cleared away and we can do it for you. We also mange the conference room junk when you wish to rearing everything.

A bit part of any office rubbish cleanup is dealing with the IT equipment. Office work is regularly done with computers and other electronic gadgets. Btu those items regularly break down or old ones are swapped with new ones as well. If you need to deal with the junk pieces which include old computers, laptops, scanners and such, call us and we will dispose all of it.

Garden Waste Clearance

London is filled with green areas, thus garden waste clearance is a necessary option. All major rubbish disposal companies need to include these kind of offer. It is one we are product to help with as arranging green areas also brings beauty to this city. We mainly mange the cleanup of the gardens within people’s homes, but are open towards larger disposals as well.

Gardening is not just a chore but a favorite pastime by many. Still it results in a lot of garden debris. Which way you view it you cannot escape the fact that garden rubbish has to be dealt with. After rearranging and dealing with the garden work call us to load up the garden rubbish and take care of it. Larger pickup are also available and can be disposed in a timely fashion as well.


We are also equipped to handle larger forms of garden junk cleanups. We use different vehicles and tools to handle such situations. Thus your ground clearances and forestry removals are not going to be a problem. These also include mending fences and clearing up hedges which you want to removal.

Green zones throughout the city are also going to benefit from the cleanup we offer. There are many parks and official green zones around London which require regular maintenance. We are happy to say that we can help in such situation as well. If you hire us you get a company with experience and expertise which is important when handling this kind of rubbish.

Electronic Waste Disposal

In a modern world there are modern problems to address, and such problems include electronic waste disposals. In the past we did not have so much electronic junk. But now when the society has evolved to a point where everything is comprised of some kind of an electronic part, we need specific electronic junk disposal means. This is where we can help because we are trained professionals capable of handling it.

The most important thing with electronic garbage management is the disposals method. As the gadgets are comprised of different kinds of materials, the best way is to employ recycling. A lot of the pieces from a wasted electric machine can be salvaged and reused. This is the primary method of cleanup that we offer and use for many of our cleanups.

London Electronic waste Disposal

We include dealing with household pickups and business related WEEE waste. All households have problems with dealing with this kind of junk. We can handle it quickly and professionally and you only need to call us. Larger piles as well as individual pieces are not a problem. We can give you our best price and take them off your hands. These include refrigerators, TV sets, washing machines and various other home appliances.

The biggest problem with WEEE rubbish is when you need to handle a bigger load of it. Various kinds of businesses need to deal with this kind of a disposals. Call us and we will take all of the IT waste you do not need. Computers are usually what are wasted in an office and there are also monitors, copier machines and various other waste electronic pieces. We provide an easy way out for you so call us.

Building Waste Removal

Building waste removal is one of the bigger offers that we provide. Cleaning building debris is one of the hardest jobs that one can do. It is also consider to be a dirty job as well. But the bottom line is that people are reluctant to do it on their own. In fact, if you are not prepared and do not know how to handle it, one should not attempt it at all. This sis where we come in.

When you decided to remodel your home or working setting, better think of us as your solution. With the offer that we are prepared to give you, your waste will be gone quite quickly. Remodeling are always tough and can take a toll on you as you will lose a lot of time and also need to change the way of living until it is done. But it can all go smoother and safer for you with the help of a professional rubbish collection company.

Building debris can be cleared out with ease. No matter if it is a smaller or bigger kind of a construction job, we can handle the amount of waste. Make sure that you inform us in advance on what the amount of building debris we are dealing with. It will allow us to prepare and handle the rubbish better. It also allows us to do a quicker and better job overall.


Our help is also available for larger construction sites. In this case the job is a lot harder to handle and the amount of building rubbish is greater. We employ a larger workforce in that kind of a situation and send it to handle the problem. We can work with the construction crew and at the same time deal with the building junk.

Commercial Rubbish Clearance

Another specific forms of cleanups is commercial rubbish clearance. This is something which is greatly needed in London. There are various places which have problems with commercial rubbish. It includes dealing with many hard to deal piece of rubbish which are in many cases also considered as dangerous and hazardous.

This type of waste is usually found in manufacturing zones and production areas. It can be quite problematic to handle if one is not prepared for it. Even when you have it in a factory, you have to make plans on how to dispose the commercial junk. Luckily, we have various ways that can be used to deal with this kind of a cleanup.

Our methods have proven to be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with various kinds of commercial junk collections. We have gone through many different rubbish pickups and have been involved in many kinds of cleanups. It led us to where we are now and for that reason we are capable of providing better cleanups that before. Commercial junk, although hard, is manageable with us and we will send you our quote before the job.

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